Relationships and Happiness

Tips for a successful relationship

How to get a Successful Relationship – Top Tips

  • Laughter

Laughter is the medicine for the soul and is beneficial in relationships. Many people claim they want a partner who makes them laugh. Laughter is going to secure you the relationship that you have always wanted. It is proven, laughter brings about feel good endorphins and will warm the cockles of your soul.

  • Honesty

Honesty will secure the best from two people. Nothing else will matter, whatever the problem, if both parties are honest and upfront. Be honest if your partner has a spot of smelly morning breath and you don’t want to kiss them, or if they have burned your toast and you don’t want to eat it. A secure and happy relationship comes from being able to be honest about one’s feelings.

  • Separate Bank Accounts

Always. Goodness, so many couples fall out over money and who spent what at the supermarket. When it can be avoided. Have a joint account for the bills, pay the money in and keep your own cash in your own bank account. Not being secretive or unjust, it is setting the boundaries before you take that whole leap of faith to launch into becoming a “we” Be upfront about finances, if you’re broke, then be honest about it.

  • Well Groomed

We all like a well groomed partner and the key to attracting a partner is being well groomed. Many people, once in a relationship, begin to perhaps, not be so well groomed. Boys: Clip your nasal hairs daily and your ear sproutings. Girls: Make sure your eyebrows are well manicured at all times. Don’t let things slip into sloppiness.

  • Online Dating Profiles

The odd airbrushing of your written text is fine. But don’t tie yourself up in knots and write things that aren’t true. You will be found out. The road to get a successful relationship is a rocky one. If you spend your life at the gym keeping your six pack, then that leaves little time to spend on a partner. Not only, that, there is the chance of a potential partner thinking ‘what will they look like when they stop going to the gym’ It’s not a good way. Same with curling up and watching a DVD, it sounds boring. Learn to write some interesting content and give yourself the opportunity to meet a future partner who finds you interesting and will want to spend time with you.